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We are satisfied when all your efforts are...

Trees & Vines

The Trees & Vines Portfolio focuses on perennial crops such as grapes, stone and pome fruits, citrus and olive. Certis’s unique portfolio of conventional and Biorational plant protection products offers IPM programmes that allow our growers to produce high quality fruits according to consumers' demands.

Crop focus

The most important crops covered in this Portfolio are grapes (wine and table grapes), pome and stone fruits including peaches, apples and pears; citrus and olives. Nuts, hops, tropical fruits and forestry are also included.

Key Trees & Vines brands

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Active ingredient: Pyrethrum
Targets: Sucking pests like Aphids
Crop Sector: Field vegetables
Brand Names: MANSA®, SPRUZIT®



Active Ingredient: Cyflufenamid

Target: Powdery Mildew



Active Ingredient: Acetamiprid

Targets: Sucking pests like Aphids



Active Ingredient: Acequinocyl

Targets: All Mites development stages



Active Ingredient: Potassium Bicarbonate
Targets: Powdery Mildew, Botrytis
Crop Sector: Trees
Brand Names: ARMICARB®, KUMAR®



Active ingredient: Innovative Copper Hydroxide formulations
Targets : Downy Mildew, Olive peacock spot and Bacterial Diseases
Crop Sector: Trees & Vines
Other Brand Name: K-DOS®

Integrated Crop Management

In the Trees & Vines Portfolio team we fit the best products, biorationals alone or in combination with conventional products, to the needs of the consumer and retailer now and in the future. Our Integrated Crop Management programmes deliver solutions that support sustainable production and meet stringent food safety requirements. Benefits include the minimisation of residues in the produce, low risk of resistance development and increased safety for workers and the environment.

Product stewardship

In order to help protect the environment, workers and neighbours, to help ensure the sustainability of products and to guarantee healthy and high-quality fruits, Certis promotes thorough training programmes for growers and technicians on the use of monitoring systems to guide decisions about product usage, the development of optimum application methods and the use of our products in crop programmes that allow maximisation of the efficacy of products.

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