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Potatoes, Bulbs & Field Vegetables

The Potato Portfolio focuses on biorational and conventional products for use not only on potatoes but also on sugar beet, onions, carrots, leeks, brassicas and tobacco.

Crop Focus

The most important crop covered in this Portfolio is potatoes as the Certis product range has a very wide range of products that can be applied in potatoes. Other crops managed within the Potato Portfolio are sugar beet with a more limited number of compounds in the portfolio but also onions, garlic, carrots, leeks, brassicas and tobacco – smaller crops and less prominent market segments but where the Certis product portfolio has some significant and very interesting compounds.

Key Potato Brand

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Crown® MH/SL

Growth Regulator

It contains maleic hydrazide. This product is applied during the growing season for potatoes and onions to regulate uniformity of yield, and strongly enhances dormancy in storage. When applied under the right circumstances, Crown MH/SL provides a good control of secondary growth of potatoes and strongly reduces internal sprouting of potatoes during storage. Crown MH can also be used in tobacco.



(Chlor-IPC) is a herbicide based on chlorpropham effective to control specific grasses and broadleaved weeds in onions and a broad range of vegetable and ornamental crops.


Growth Regulator

A family of products, based on chlorpropham offers effective, user friendly and economical tools to control sprouting of potatoes during medium and long-term storage. Some formulations - Gro-Stop 1% DP, Gro-Stop Basis and Gro-Stop Ready - are designed for application at the moment potatoes are stored. Other formulations - Gro-Stop FOG, Gro-Stop Electro, Gro-Stop Solid - are specifically designed to be applied by fogging equipment during the storage of potatoes.



A granular insecticide with side effects on nematodes based on ethoprophos effective against thrips



A mineral oil effective in reducing the spread of viruses in seed potatoes and flower bulbs.



Valbon products contain a mixture of benthiavalicarb+mancozeb that provides control of Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) during the rapid growth stage of potatoes. The mancozeb in the formulation results in a good control of Early Blight (Alternaria spp.). Valbon and Valbon Start are also widely used in onions.

Product stewardship

In order to follow potential changes in late blight sensitivity to fungicides we execute an annual monitoring programme of late blight strains across the main growing areas of potatoes. Our advisory services emphasise that Valbon must be used in line with FRAC guidelines in order to ensure the class of chemistry can be safely used for years to come.

Post-harvest applications of products are critical with respect to application technique and formulation characteristics in order to get a uniform distribution of products throughout the stored crop. Certis continually monitors the way applications of its Gro-Stop products are made. In collaboration with other partners in the value chain, Certis develops innovative new solutions and provides training sessions to support its users in making further improvement in product usage.

Certis is involved in various joint industry and other stakeholder stewardship initiatives.

All Biorational products are officially registered under the crop protection guidelines, which means that the quality and safety of all these products is guaranteed and performance has been proven by scientific research and development trials. We know and can prove what we sell.

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Provides up to date technical guidance and Best Management Practices for the application of chlorpropham products (CIPC) in potato stores with focus on the UK market.