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Protecting Crop by respecting Ecosystems

Biorationals & Horticulture

The Biorationals and Horticulture Portfolio focuses on biorational and conventional products for both indoor and outdoor horticultural crops.

What are Biorationals?

Biorationals are registered plant protection products generally derived from the natural environment, offering improved benefits for plants, people and the planet, which are increasingly important factors for Integrated Crop Production to satisfy requirements of the value chain and consumers.

Certis Europe’s ambition is to grow biorational products to 25% of its sales by 2022.

from nature

Low resistance

Low risk
for the environment

Eradicoat an environmentally friendly pesticide

Eradicoat, biorational insecticide

How can environmentally friendly pesticides boost crop yields. Credit to RSB and ITN Productions

Crop Focus

The most important indoor and outdoor crops covered in this Portfolio are fruiting vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, melons; leafy vegetables such as salads and herbs; and all kinds of berries and cane fruits, for example strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Ornamentals, nurseries, flower bulbs and other horticultural crops are also included.


Key Biorational & Horticulture Brands:

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Growth Regulator

A plant growth regulator based on daminozide to reduce stretching of plants.



A microbiological fungicide based on Bacillus ameloliquifaciens strain CX-9030 effective against Powdery Mildew and Botrytis.



A botanical insecticide based on azadirachtin effective against whitefly and thrips



A microbiological insecticide based on Beauveria bassiana strain GHA effective against thrips, whitefly and mites



Active ingredient : Pyrethrum

Targets : Effective against sucking pests like Aphids



A Fungicide based on mepnipryrim effective against Botrytis and powdery mildew.



A miticide based on cyflumetofen, only effective against mites.

Topsin® M


A fungicide based on thiophanate-methyl effective against Fusarium and Botrytis.



An insecticide based on formetante effective against thrips.

Integrated Crop Management

In the Biorationals and Horticulture portfolio we fit the best products, biorationals alone or in combination with conventional products, to the needs of the consumer and retailer now and in the future. Our Integrated Crop Management programmes for indoor and outdoor crops deliver solutions that support sustainable production and meet stringent food safety requirements. Benefits include the minimization of residues in the produce, low risk of resistance development and increased safety for workers and the environment.

Product Stewardship

All Biorational products are officially registered under the crop protection guidelines, which means that the quality and safety of all these products is guaranteed and performance has been proven by scientific research and development trials. We know our products and can prove that they work. 

Interesting News

Trials at the Certis Innovation Center, World Horti Center, Naaldwijk in the Netherlands are showing excellent results from biorationals

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Certis Europe has collaborated with ITN Productions to produce a short film featuring Eradicoat and the contribution it can make to sustainable food production as part of integrated pest management practice.

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Biorational crop protection products offer major benefits in terms of resistance management and can be used effectively in programmes with other products.

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Certis Europe, biorationals specialists, established partnerships with major Spanish fresh produce growers in their project ‘Growing for the Future’.

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