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Our Rule

Protecting Crop by respecting Ecosystems

Our Rule Protecting Crop by respecting Ecosystems

Biorational Innovation

Biorationals are registered plant protection products generally derived from the natural environment, offering improved benefits for plants, people and the planet, which are increasingly important factors for Integrated Crop Production to satisfy requirements of the value chain and consumers.

Biorational Innovation Team

Certis has worked successfully for many years in the development of innovative biorational solutions for growers and farmers and has built a wide portfolio of biorational crop protection products. The Biorational Innovation Team dedicates resources to manage all new biorational product opportunities and aims to broaden the number of appropriate products going into full development with a faster route to market.

Potentially interesting new products are screened in the laboratory and / or in small semi-field plot trials at the Certis’ Biorational Research Centre (BRC) near Nimes in France to check their performance under controlled conditions. A product will only be tested in field trials after the in-house screening has given good results.

A product that has shown consistent performance in line with our requirements is then handed over to the most relevant Portfolio Team for final dossier development and registration in relevant countries.

Certis Europe’s ambition is to grow biorational products to 25% of its sales by 2022.

Over 25 Biorationals products
in all major crops

A dedicated

2  research facilities
in Europe

A recognized expertise in Europe

Certis Biorational products

How do they work and what are the advantages of these products. Credit to RTLZ and "How it is done"

Eradicoat, biorational insecticide

How can environmentally friendly pesticides boost crop yields. Credit to RSB and ITN Productions

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Product Stewardship

All Biorational products are officially registered under the crop protection guidelines, which means that the quality and safety of all these products is guaranteed and performance has been proven by scientific research and development trials. We know our products and can prove that they work.