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Culture of Performance

Culture of Performance


Certis Europe is wholly-owned by Japanese shareholders, providing a European platform for the sales, marketing, development and distribution of their proprietary crop protection products.

Certis Europe’s parent company, Mitsui & Co., is a $62.7 billion global trading company (consolidated revenue) with diverse business interests in over 90 countries. Mitsui’s global sales in the agriscience sector are in excess of $474 million and the company markets a wide variety of pesticides and biopesticides, as well as biological pest control products and services through its European, African, Japanese and US subsidiaries.

In keeping with its trade-related roots, Mitsui has strategic partnerships with a number of the world's largest agrochemical corporations, and provides field development and marketing resources to other Japanese agrochemical companies. It is also a shareholder in Kanesho Soil Treatment SPRL/BVBA (KST) and Japan Agro Services SA (JAS), a research and development company with regulatory expertise, based in France.

Nippon Soda, a major global chemicals corporation with consolidated sales of US$1.3 billion in FY2019/03, is also a founder shareholder in Certis Europe.  Established in 1920, the Company entered the agrochemical field in the 1950s and, since then, has distributed a variety of safe and effective agricultural chemicals.  

With R & D facilities in Japan and a Joint Venture (Japan Agro Services) in France, it continues to invest in and to work on new product development in this field with product introductions in Europe through Certis. Nippon Soda products form a valuable component of the Certis portfolio.

Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd is a research-based chemical company, with its own Life Science Research Institute. The company works to create new and unique crop protection products that meet farmers' and growers' needs and which contribute to a stable supply of food production globally. Reported sales in 2018 were US$880 million.

As part of its global operation, the company has enjoyed a close partnership with Certis Europe for many years and became a shareholder in 2009. Certis has been responsible for the development and commercialisation of a number of Kumiai's products (including Frupica® / Japica® and Valbon®) for various European markets.  Certis Europe is a strategic business partner for Kumiai in Europe enabling Kumiai to expand its product and service offering in the European crop protection market.

Strategic Partnership with K&N Efthymiadis

K & N Efthymiadis holds a leading position in the agricultural inputs sector in Greece and has significant export activities throughout the Balkans. Its success in this field led to the creation with Certis Europe of a new joint venture company, KNE Certis, in August 2016. This new company serves to bring the experience, expertise and resources of both companies to the development, registration, marketing and distribution of crop protection products in South Eastern Europe and extends the presence of the two companies in the region, providing potential access to a wider European market.