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One Small step for Man

one Giant leap for farmers


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Certis Europe and Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH have announced their intention to merge

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Certis Europe BV and Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH, two European crop protection subsidiaries of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., have announced their intention to...

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Copper fungicides have become indispensable in preventing plant diseases worldwide

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Biorationals are now a reality in outdoor as well as protected crops.

‘Sustainability’ seems to be the buzz word in agriculture these days. The...

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Jan Mostert and Sue Young comment on progress in partnering biorationals with conventional chemical products

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Jan Mostert considers progress in the successful use of biorationals outside the greenhouse

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Certis Europe is committed to the ongoing development of management solutions for soil health and has developed very thorough and advanced product...

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Following the acquisition of Latitude in 2017 Certis wants to extend its strategy in Seed Treatment

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Eradicoat an environmentally friendly pesticide

Eradicoat, biorational insecticide

How can environmentally friendly pesticides boost crop yields. Credit to RSB and ITN Productions

Protected cropping 2030

Certis recognized that feeding the future population is a global challenge and have explored how this challenge could be met in an exercise looking at the future of protected cropping in 2030.

By 2030 we can expect that: Food production will need to have increased by 70% to feed 2.3 billion additional people.

How can protected cropping contribute to a more sustainable food system in the future?