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One Small step for Man

one Giant leap for farmers


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Our News

Certis Europe has collaborated with ITN Productions to produce a short film featuring Eradicoat and the contribution it can make to sustainable food...

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Certis Europe is to establish a new research centre for the development of Integrated Pest Management in protected vegetables in Almeria, Spain

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Certis Europe and its shareholder Kumiai Chemical signed an exclusive agreement in Tokyo to develop jointly Kumiai's herbicide EFFEEDA® in Europe on...

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Biorational crop protection products offer major benefits in terms of resistance management and can be used effectively in programmes with other...

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Certis Europe, biorationals specialists, established partnerships with major Spanish fresh produce growers in their project ‘Growing for the Future’.

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Certis Europe, working with Forum for the Future, is reviewing strategic aims of the business against different scenarios in a 15 year horizon

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The World Horti Center (WHC), recently opened by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, is home to the new Certis Innovation Center.

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Status update on the renewal of chlorpropham from the CIPC Task Force

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Eradicoat an environmentally friendly pesticide

Eradicoat, biorational insecticide

How can environmentally friendly pesticides boost crop yields. Credit to RSB and ITN Productions

Protected cropping 2030

Certis recognized that feeding the future population is a global challenge and have explored how this challenge could be met in an exercise looking at the future of protected cropping in 2030.

By 2030 we can expect that: Food production will need to have increased by 70% to feed 2.3 billion additional people.

How can protected cropping contribute to a more sustainable food system in the future?