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Certis Europe plans to expand its herbicide, Sunfire, to more countries within Europe during autumn 2020

Sunfire (flufenacet)

Sunfire®, the leading straight flufenacet herbicide from Certis Europe, has finally been approved in many countries, so continental launch is scheduled for autumn 2020.  Unlike other flufenacet products, it can be applied to rye and triticale as well as winter barley and winter wheat so generally in all winter cereals, for both pre- and post-emergence use. Independent trials show control of black-grass, annual meadow grass and some broad-leaved weeds comparing favourably to other flufenacet products. 

The Sunfire formulation is widely recognised as good and reliably easy to handle. It is one of the only straight products available focussing not only on the major markets of France, Germany and UK but also being registered in most of the central and southern zonal countries. It can be used with different partner products – mainly those containing Diflufenican and Pendimethalin– depending on the choice of the farmer and / or dealer.