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Mitsui AgriScience International announce the following organizational changes in the management of Belchim Crop Protection

Mark Waltham, CEO Certis Europe, heads the management team announced for Belchim Crop Protection as part of the MASI family of companies

In addition to his current role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Certis Europe, Mark Waltham is appointed to the position of CEO of Belchim Crop Protection, where his objective will be to ensure Belchim Crop Protection maximizes opportunities created by joining the Mitsui AgriScience family of companies, including leading value creation initiatives between Belchim and Certis Europe. 

In a further change, Johan de Saegher is appointed to the new position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a specific focus on Belchim Crop Protections’ day-to-day operations, to ensure the company’s financial and company objectives are achieved. In addition, Johan De Saegher is appointed as member of the board of Mitsui Agri Science International (MASI) Brussels to help MASI with his extensive crop protection industry experience and to ensure strategic alignment of the Belchim acquisition with the MASI strategy.

Working together with Belchim Crop Protection’s Chief Financial Officer Christine Berwaerts, the three executives are collectively tasked with leading Belchim through the next chapter of growth and development.

Hidetoshi Nakamura, Managing Director of Mitsui AgriScience International stated “Mitsui strongly believe in putting together a structure and organization that best enables our strategy to be delivered. Our strategy to invest in Belchim Crop Protection is very clear and we are convinced that this new management structure and leadership for Belchim is the best way for that to be achieved. I am excited to see these experienced executives working together to make this happen”.