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Expanding portfolio for Certis Spain

Certis Spain has added two specialist and important products, Cercobin and Trebon, to its portfoli

Certis Spain has added two specialist and important products to its portfolio, one already successfully launched and the other to be ready for the coming season.

Cercobin 45% SC

Cercobin 45 % SC (Thiophanate-methyl 45 % SC), from Nippon Soda, is the only benzimidazole remaining in the Spanish market.  A broad spectrum of activity and absence of resistance problems makes this an excellent tool for the prevention and control of the most important diseases, including powdery mildew and monilia in fruit crops, powdery mildew and botrytis in some vegetables, and fusarium and rust in cereals.  Cercobin can be used in apricots, almonds, peaches, plums, apples, aubergines, courgette, cereals, lettuces, melon, watermelon, tomatoes and vines.  Given the loss of products during re-classification of agrochemicals at European level and the resulting need felt by growers for speciality products, its registration has been particularly welcomed.

Trebon 30 LE

During 2007 registration of Trebon 30 LE (Etofenprox), a Mitsui Chemicals Inc. product, has been transferred to Certis Spain.  It is currently registered for the control of caterpillars and aphids on rice, aubergine, citrus, brassicas, top fruit, tomato and pine trees but Certis Spain has also obtained a label extension for use against Anarsia lineatella, Empoasca & Ceratitis capitata in peaches and is awaiting a further extension for the control of Ceratitis capitata ( Mediterranean Fly ) in citrus and persimmon.

This new registration scenario makes Trebon a strategically important product in Certis’s portfolio and its re-launch is expected in March 2008.  With an eco-friendly profile and compatibility with beneficial insects, Trebon is ideal for inclusion in Integrated Pest Management protocols in most areas of Spain and the company expects to develop its use fully in those crops where it is already registered.