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CIPC Task Force statement

Status update on the renewal of chlorpropham from the CIPC Task Force


Date: 30 March 2018

In view of recent developments in the renewal process of the active substance chlorpropham under Regulation (EU) 1107/2009, we hereby give a short summary of the current status.

Based on the EFSA conclusion, the European Commission has notified the World Trade Organisation on 29 March 2018 of the intention of chlorpropham non-renewal. This procedural step has been taken before the substance was discussed in detail at the EU-level, but is required before a vote on non-renewal is possible. However, the taskforce (Certis, Aceto and UPL) and their partner Arysta are still confident that chlorpropham can be renewed. This confidence is based on the following points:

• Safe herbicide use in lettuce and onions has been confirmed by the Rapporteur Member State the Netherlands, that assessed the chlorpropham dossier. These two uses represent a wide range of existing uses in both major and minor crops across Europe. Based on these herbicide uses, renewal of chlorpropham is warranted.

• For the use of chlorpropham as a potato sprout inhibitor, the taskforce has shown that an acceptable consumer risk assessment is possible. This is solely based on studies that have been assessed in the RAR and using the conservative assumptions established by EFSA in their conclusion. These safe uses require an additional withholding period after treatment.

In summary, based on the current renewal dossier an acceptable consumer risk assessment and safe representative uses as a herbicide, and with some mediations also as a sprout inhibitor, can be shown. The active substance chlorpropham should therefore be renewed.

For more information, please contact your Task Force representative.

The Chlorpropham AIR Task Force