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Certis Italy strengthens its strategic core portfolio

Certis Italy's portfolio has expanded steadily to provide growers with important speciality products.

Certis Italy’s product portfolio has expanded steadily, since its establishment in 2004, to provide growers with important speciality products, within its strategic vision on IPM. It has recently received registration for a selective biological insecticide, Cyd-X (CpGV), from Certis Europe for use in apples, pears, walnuts, nashy and quince. In addition it has launched Indipendent 5 PB (diflubenzuron), a selective insect growth regulator, the first product for the company from Certis Europe shareholder, Chemtura.

Cyd-X offers control of Codling Moth, a major pest in apples and pears using a Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV) which infects the larvae of the moth. Suitable for both organic and conventional crops and strongly recommended in Integrated Production Guidelines, it provides immediate and long term reductions in infestations with no adverse effect on beneficial insects or the environment. This biological control is highly selective and has no effect on the odour or taste of the harvested crop.  A valuable tool for growers in this sector, Cyd-X strengthens the Certis portfolio for the Italian market, utilizing the IPM concept that is the base of a modern agriculture.

Indipendent 5 PB was launched in March 2008.  This selective insect growth regulator is effective on a wide variety of insect pests, predominantly from the families Lepidoptera, Homoptera and Diptera and is labelled for use on pome fruits, ornamentals, nursery stock and forestry growing situations. The active ingredient diflubenzuron, a chitin deposition inhibitor, interferes with the growth of certain insects by disrupting the skin production process. It is effective at two points in the lifecycle, at the larval and egg stages.  Because of its specificity, the product does not affect bees or other beneficial insects and is therefore an excellent product for use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes in pome fruit production. 

This addition to the Italian portfolio marks the beginning of ongoing cooperation between Chemtura and Certis Europe at branch level in Italy.

Cyd-X & Indipendent are mainly positioned for use in integrated strategies for the control of Codling Moth on apple and pear. In addition, Indipendent 5 PB is positioned also for control of Psylla in pear.

Certis Italy welcomes both products as valuable tools for growers which will play an important strategic role in the company’s growing portfolio of speciality products.

Marketing Manager, Nicola de Tommaso comments, “Certis Italy is already focussing on and developing other new products that will soon be part of our local portfolio. In particular we expect to introduce an insecticide/acaricide and a wide spectrum disinfectant during the current season.