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Certis Europe working towards EU Annex 1 inclusion of CpGV

CpGV-based product against codling moth in pome fruit

Certis Europe joins CpGV task force

In spring 2006 Certis Europe joined the task force supporting the EU Annex I inclusion of CpGV (Cydia pomonella GranuloVirus). Other task force members are Andermatt Biocontrol AG of Switzerland and Probis GmbH of Germany.

The task force dossier for CpGV was submitted in 2005 and was declared complete. The RMS is Germany and Annex I inclusion is expected from 2008.

Since becoming a member of the taskforce Certis has started to develop the CpGV-based product across Europe. Once registered, it will be introduced into the market under the Certis brand name Cyd-X.

The target for Cyd-X is codling moth, a key pest in pome fruit growing. The product will be important in organic, IPM and more conventional growing systems to reduce codling moth populations and prevent damage.