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Certis Europe signs Imazalil agreement

Certis has been granted an exclusive licence by Janssen Pharmaceutica

Certis Europe BV has been granted an exclusive licence by Janssen Pharmaceutica NV for commercialisation of Imazalil-based products in the fields of foliar application in horticulture, potato and cereal seed treatments. Such license is applicable world-wide, with the exclusion of Australia, India and the People’s Republic of China.

Janssen will transfer the registrations of its Imazalil products in these pre-harvest fields and territories to Certis.  In horticulture, formulations of Imazalil have been developed particularly for use in the protected crop sector.  It provides control of powdery mildew on a variety of crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and many ornamentals, including roses.  It also offers partial control of Botrytis cinerea in cucurbits and roses and Diplocarpon rosae of roses.

Certis already distributes the potato seed treatment product as Diabolo® in Netherlands, France and Belgium.  Registration has recently been received in Germany and sales are expected to start this season.  Use of Imazalil to treat the seed provides excellent protection against Helminthosporium solani, Polyscytalum pustulans, Phoma exigua var, foveata, and Fusarium spp.

As a cereal seed treatment, Imazalil is widely used, especially in barley, and is highly effective against Helminthosporium spp, Fusarium spp and Septoria spp.  It also provides control of other diseases as part of broad spectrum combinations.

One of the products under the Agreement, Nectec Paste®, is a treatment paste currently used for protection of fruit trees at pruning.  There is potential for further development of this product in protecting grafting sites in vines.

Commenting on the agreement, Bob Skillicorn, CEO of Certis Europe BV says, “This is another important step towards realizing our objective to be a leading supplier to the high value and speciality crop sector.  The products involved fit well with the Certis strategy to provide solutions to growers in these markets.

“We believe that Imazalil, as a compound, has significant potential for development in high value crop sectors.  The foliar application for control of powdery mildew in a range of glasshouse crops has not yet been developed in Southern Europe”, he explains.  “We see significant growth opportunities in this key sector for our business.

“The addition of this important compound to the Certis Europe portfolio also puts the company on the map as a seed treatment supplier in both potatoes and cereals, consolidating its existing position in France as a distributor of Chemtura seed treatments,” he adds.  “We anticipate continuing growth opportunities for the molecule, particularly as farmers and growers in Eastern Europe develop and move to greater input usage to protect their crops, opening up new markets for us there.”

Alex Valcke, Vice President Plant & Material Protection at Janssen Pharmaceutica, comments:

“This exclusive license granted to Certis Europe BV fits JANSSEN’s Strategy to further focus on its Imazalil-developments for food chain management applications, including post-harvest control. Both companies will continue to work closely together to assure the regulatory and technical compliance of Imazalil-based products for their respective customers.”

 “The relationship between Janssen Pharmaceutica and Certis Europe is strengthened by this agreement between the two companies and provides a joint commitment in ongoing global support for this active ingredient” Mr Skillicorn concludes.