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Certis Europe develops Kumiai herbicide ‘Effeeda®’ for the European market

Certis Europe develops 'Effeeda', a new herbicide from Kumiai with a novel mode of action, for the European market

A new herbicide with a novel mode of action in cereals and rice is being developed in Europe. Certis Europe and Kumiai are jointly developing Effeeda® for the European market. The active ingredient registration submission has just been made to the European authorities.

Mark Waltham, CEO of Certis Europe, welcomed news of the submission and commented, “Certis’ market experience and our commitment to European crop protection has provided the confidence to make a major investment in this product, alongside our partners Kumiai.

“Effeeda will be the first example of Certis developing a new active substance and is evidence of our growing presence in the arable sector. Its new mode of action will provide opportunities for resistance management strategies in cereals and rice herbicide programmes that will bring high levels of performance and crop safety for growers.”