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Certis Europe and Kumiai Chemical sign EFFEEDA® agreement

Certis Europe and its shareholder Kumiai Chemical signed an exclusive agreement in Tokyo to develop jointly Kumiai's herbicide EFFEEDA® in Europe on cereals and rice

Yoshitomo Koike, President of Kumiai Chemical and Certis Europe's Chief Executive, Mark Waltham after signing the agreement

Certis Europe B.V. has signed an exclusive agreement with its shareholder Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., to develop jointly Kumiai’s herbicide EFFEEDA® (ISO name: fenquinotrione) on cereals and rice in Europe.

EFFEEDA® is a triketone herbicide with activity against dicot weeds in cereals and dicots and some monocots in rice.  It has high levels of crop safety and a novel mode of action that provides opportunities for resistance management strategies in cereal herbicide programmes.

“This is a very exciting step for both Certis and Kumiai.  We have worked closely together for many years but this agreement represents a new chapter in our partnership.  Our recent merger with Spiess-Urania Crop Protection enables us better to implement our strategy to develop innovative products for the European crop protection market in partnership with committed Japanese R&D companies like Kumiai” said Mark Waltham, CEO Certis Europe.

Yoshitomo Koike, President of Kumiai Chemical endorsed Mark Waltham’s comments about the partnership between the two companies and added, “Kumiai is keen to work closely with Certis to develop EFFEEDA® and introduce it to the European market, and we continue to develop our proprietary products aggressively to expand our agrochemical business in the international market”.