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Biorationals Innovation in Certis Europe

A new Biorationals Innovation Team will provide greater dedicated resource to speed up the development of biorationals

Jan Mostert in Biorational controlled orchard

A new Biorationals Innovation Team has been established in Certis Europe. The company has for many years worked to build a rich portfolio of biorational products in response to consumer and political pressures for a reduction in the use of conventional crop protection products. The new team will provide a greater dedicated resource to put more effort into the greening up of the product pipeline and to speed up the development of biorational innovations. The focus is still on horticultural crops but also on fruit and vines, vegetables and other field crops.

Leading the team Jan Mostert explains, “Our ambition is to green up the world, not only in the glasshouse, but also in outdoor crops. We aim to use the expertise and knowledge we have, with the extra focused resource that will now be available, to get this done more quickly and efficiently. I believe we have the potential to bring one new biorational active per annum to the market and to deliver a constant flow of biorational innovation to growers of a range of crops.”