Silicon Farming

The World

Free for all …. there are few global trade barriers and cash and labour ebb and flow freely with the market. Loose regulation has led to a fast moving and expanding economy making some people rich. Consumer demand is extremely unpredictable.

Entrepreneurs rule …. finding it easy to access capital. New innovative ground-breaking technology is being developed all the time. The prolific use of technology has meant machines have replaced most unskilled work.

Protected Cropping

The protected cropping market is hi-tech, often energy and water self-sufficient and using CO2 to feed crops.

Technology companies lead the way ….. growing systems are highly technology-based and hyper-sensitive monitors allow plants to “talk” to other technology that distributes water, nutrients and light. Pesticides are rarely used. Growing systems with low-energy lighting and water harvesting technologies allow produce to be grown in many very different situations e.g. underground, on top of buildings and in floating greenhouses. Crop handling and harvest is highly automated replacing the need for labour.

Highly personalised ….. strong consumer demand for personalised, convenient and cheap produce has led to a highly differentiated market. Growers market everything from the highest value “designer” raspberries to super-sized raspberries.

Ultra-transparency ….. on how food is grown is demanded by consumers. Communications technology facilitates that and also means that new techniques are shared and adopted quickly.