Certis Europe provides solutions for the production of healthy, clean and safe crops. Its products can be combined to provide integrated solutions that help producers achieve this in a way that is sustainable and supports profitable production. The portfolio covers a range of different technologies, including beneficial insects, biological products and pheromones as well as conventional chemicals, which means that Certis is uniquely positioned to provide the necessary solutions, products and services to producers of a wide range of crops.

Cyd-X™ is a trademark of Certis Europe BV
Delfin® is a registered trademark of Certis USA LLC

Certis Europe is a member of  the International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association

CleanStart is the brand under which Certis markets the range of soil treatment products from Kanesho Soil Treatment.

Following the withdrawal of methyl bromide, growers are faced with serious problems to control soil-borne pests and diseases and Certis is working with growers and researchers to provide alternative and effective solutions. Certis has collaborated with application machinery manufacturers on projects to improve availability of application equipment and knowledge of soil fumigant application. This has resulted in increased safety for operators and the environment, better accuracy and more efficient application.




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