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With over twenty years experience in the speciality crop sector, BCP Certis provides reliable and profitable integrated control through supply of quality products.

As a member of IBMA and a leader in this field, the company’s core strength lies in developing innovative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes for high value protected vegetables, soft fruit and ornamental crops in Europe, aimed at minimising pesticide residues.
BCP Certis produces and supplies a full range of key beneficial insects via its SURE brand of products, harvested to order and produced to IOBC quality standards.
In addition BCP Certis supplies Bumblebees for pollination of a range of protected vegetables and fruit.

Outside the Certis territories BCP Certis offers licensed production technology to partner companies. In an integrated pest control programme, compatible pesticides and soft chemistry can be used to manage any imbalance between pest and beneficial populations. BCP Certis’ award winning Eradicoat™ provides a fast acting and effective soft pesticide that has a minimal impact on the beneficials and has an important role in pesticide resistance management and can be used in organics in the UK.





A new answer to nematodes for Dutch growers

NEMguard DE®, has been approved for use on carrots in the Netherlands under the 'Green Deal'


Certis Europe and Spiess Urania to distribute Latitude products

Mitsui & Co., Ltd has now finalised the agreement to acquire Monsanto’s Latitude business.


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