The European registration department based in Brussels (Belgium) and Maarssen (Netherlands) coordinates and manages product registrations in partnership with suppliers and handles EU registration activities such as Annex 1 notifications and product defence centrally.

The maintenance of existing registrations and the establishment of direct relationships with key registration officials are equally important. Each of the national Certis branches has qualified regulatory staff and capability to register products on a local basis.

Production and Logistics

Production and logistical activities undertaken by the group include purchasing of materials, co-ordination of formulation and packaging, repacking from bulk, as well as storage and transport. The Central Supply Chain Department coordinates these activities from the Maarssen office in the Netherlands.

Only high standard toll companies are employed to undertake the manufacturing and packaging of Certis products. They have been carefully selected to meet the top quality standard that Certis applies   
to its products. These companies have a highly developed quality system in place and their operations meet the demands of international and national law. The Central Supply Chain Department closely monitors their activities.

Highly respected logistics companies are contracted to undertake safe storage and transport of Certis products, assuring a high level of service towards the customers.

Product development

Product development and technical sales support is an important activity for Certis. The company has the capability to conduct all necessary field and glasshouse trial work to support new product registrations and to extend the use of existing     
products into new crops and use areas, both at European and national level. In addition Certis conducts a wide range of trials to support the current business and to prepare new product introductions.




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