Work at Certis

At Certis we believe it is fundamental to our success that we create a motivational work environment which positions us as an employer of choice able to attract and retain high performing people. We actively support you to develop your capability to full so that you can attain your optimum level of performance and realise your full potential.

Respecting others, openness and trust are  core values and underpin the way we behave towards each other, taking accountability for our actions and actively seeking ways to contribute to business success. We work in a highly challenging international environment and actively seek to recognise, embrace and learn from our cultural differences. We act with integrity and behave ethically at all times, with the highest regard to equal opportunities. We are enthusiastic about all we do in a Certis culture which demanding yet very rewarding!

We have business operations in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.  If you are interested in a career with Certis, we would welcome your application and please feel free to send your resume to




Certis Europe expands Eradicoat usage

Certis Europe now has approval for Eradicoat in UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland and for...


KNE Certis distribution agreement with Nufarm

KNE Certis is to distribute certain Nufarm products in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Albania


A new answer to nematodes for Dutch growers

NEMguard DEĀ®, has been approved for use on carrots in the Netherlands under the 'Green Deal'